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Department of Public Health


The Department of Public Health (DPH) works to implement the networks’ aim to make high quality eye care available to all sections of the society, regardless of their economic, social, or geographical status.


Who We Are

As a team, we strive to make a difference in the accessibility of quality eye care to all who need it. The ethos of the DPH is to create and implement financially and operationally sustainable models of care delivery in the community, as well as at the primary and secondary levels.

The DPH also represents SCEH, and the work being done across the network, at national and international platforms such as the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness, where leaders from the public health for eye care industry engage in scientific discussion and debate, learn from each other, and collaborate.

At present, the ambit of the department encompasses Community Ophthalmology, Public Health Research, Projects and Outreach Activities, Secondary Centers, Primary Care and Geographical Growth Strategies.

Our Experts

Our Team

  • Shyamanta Bijoy Neog
    Senior Manager -Public Health and Projects
  • Hammad
    Manager- Public Health and Projects
  • Ishaana Sood:
    Manager- Public Health Research
  • Gopala Krishna
    Manager – Non-Clinical Trainings and Management Training Academy
  • Naval Chauhan
    Deputy Manager, Lead – Delhi Vision Centres and Cataract Program Sustainability SCEH Network
  • Birendra Pratap Singh
    Deputy Manager- Lead – Community Optometry -SCEH Network
  • Mohd Javed
    Assistant Manager- Public Health Research
  • Zeeshan A. Siddiqui
    Assistant Manager, Lead – Pediatric Community Operations – SCEH Network
Research Health Programe _Shroff Eye Hospital

Our Routine Programs

In the community, through a door-to-door screening program in villages, supported by Standard Chartered Bank and Combat Blindness International. We also conduct outreach camps to provide screening to adults.

Through door-to-door screening in urban slums, supported by organizations like USAID, Seva Foundation and Cognizant Foundation. We also conduct school screening programs, supported by organizations like Orbis, Seva Foundation, Relaxo Footwears, Mission For Vision and CBM. 

Through our 66 vision centers located in rural areas and urban slums in north India, we provide comprehensive primary eye care to people, close to their doorstep. These centers provide affordable glasses and a timely referral and are connected with our tertiary center at Delhi by teleophthalmology services. These vision centers have been supported by our various partners- SCB, CBM, Seva foundation, Orbis

In certain regions with difficult access like Uttarakhand and interiors of Uttar Pradesh, we provide primary eye care using our mobile van model, supported by Seva Foundation and ITC

At transport hubs with the support of the EICHER Foundation, to close the loop of eye and ear care for this nomadic population.

Aadya Initiative in collaboration with Combat Blindness International empowers women to eradicate existing blindness and visual impairment in the community.


We conduct a one-year fellowship in eye care management. This includes teaching how to manage eye care facilities and community-based programs through projects based learning at Delhi and our secondary centers.

Patient Stories

Video Story

Vision and faith restored

Mr. Darshan Lal, a 62-year-old man, resides in the small village of Khushalipur in Behat block of Saharanpur district, Uttar...



The department engages in operations, health economics and financing, social and epidemiological research. We conducted a Rapid Assessment of Avoidable Blindness (RAAB)-7, supported by a research grant from the Peek Vision Foundation, in Lakhimpur. In the same region, presently a study supported by Livelihood Impact Fund, to assess the willingness to pay for presbyopic glasses is ongoing.


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 We believe that eyecare is not just about treating the disease but finding sustainable ways to reach the patients who may not have accessibility. We at SCEH, have supportive partners who help us in reaching our vision and mission. Our screening programmes give employment to many, including women and the lives touched are innumerable.

To be a part of our journey reach us at 011-43524444