Vision and faith restored

Mr. Darshan Lal, a 62-year-old man, resides in the small village of Khushalipur in Behat block of Saharanpur district, Uttar Pradesh. He had 2 sons, the younger of whom died 18 years ago, and the elder 5 years ago. At present, there are 5 members in his family- his wife, daughter-in-law, and 2 grandchildren- all dependent on him financially. He works hard to fulfill the basic needs of his family. Never having gone to school himself, he prioritizes the education of his grandchildren. 

For the last several months his vision was blurry and light sources emitted a glare. During the early stages, he ignored these changes, but as time went on the problems increased and were no longer ignorable. He had been wanting to visit an eye care practitioner for some time but was restricted in his ability to do so due to his financial situation. He had also heard that after the operation he would be required to rest for 2 months- a major deterrent. It was only when the visual issues became pronounced to an extent where his day-to-day work was getting hampered that he took the advice of other villagers and decided to visit the Behat Netra Janch Kendra. Even then the distance to the vision center was a barrier.

One day, while he was at home, he heard a knock on his door. A volunteer was conducting door-to-door eye screenings in his village, with the support of Standard Chartered Bank, and wanted to include him and his family members. After vision testing, Mr. Darshan Lal was referred to the Behat Netra Janch Kendra- our vision center in the area supported by Standard Chartered Bank. He went to the vision center along with other referred patients. He was examined properly and was counseled to get operated for cataract. The technician told him that he will be provided with proper facilities for his transportation, food, and stay, along with medication for this entire process.

Still hesitating, he went to Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital in Manani. He was very pleased to see enthusiastic staff helping him undergo a further detailed examination and navigating the hospital process. After a proper examination, the doctor advised left eye cataract surgery for him. The surgery was performed the very next day and he was given all the required medication as well as glasses by the hospital. Upon bandage removal, he was impressed by the efforts of the doctors and staff as he had all his vision.

He thanked all the staff and gave blessings I feel so lucky to know about your organization. Staff working here are a proper support for the patient. The atmosphere of the hospital reminds me of a family. Nowadays no one likes to help others, but your organization not only treated me well but also provided food, transportation, and in-patient stay facilities, along with free surgery.”

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