Hope and Perseverance -Story of a brave girl

Belonging to a small town in Uttar Pradesh, Ms Kajal lives with her family in Bhuribans Nakur, Saharanpur. She also has a younger sister who is studying in class 4th. Kajal is just a 20 year old girl who wasn’t able to complete her graduation, due to the huge responsibility placed on her shoulders from a very young age. Kajal’s socio-economic condition hasn’t allowed her the childhood, that others her age had. Her father has a severe liver issue and is forced to be on bedrest. Her mother is a housewife and does not work either. To ensure that her younger sister continues her education, and to improve her family’s financial condition, she started looking for a job.

She came to know about the role of screener during a public announcement made by the SCEH team for the Aadya Program by Combat Blindness International. She joined the team in December 2022, after the recruitment process. She then underwent a month-long training which included field exposure, to build her understanding regarding eye care diseases and their management, as well as, improve her confidence and manner of communication. Over time, and under the supervision of senior Aadya screeners, she has grown and is now able to work independently- screening in the rural area of Nakur Saharanpur. Having conducted more than 1000 screenings, she resonates the ethos of the Aadya program. This opportunity has given her the means to live an enriched life on her own terms.

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