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Department Of VitreoRetina


We understand the critical role the retina plays in vision, and we are committed to providing top-notch care for patients with retinal conditions. We are equipped to treat all kinds of retinal diseases with medical, laser and surgical approach. We also provide guidance for treatment of comorbidities which affect the retina like diabetes, Coronary artery diseases and ocular cancers.


Who We Are

The Vitreoretina service at SCEH is a modern well-equipped department with cutting edge technology to manage all complex medical and surgical patients of various vitreoretinal diseases. The department serves as a tertiary referral base for many patients from many other states.

At SCEH, our team of doctors in the department manage patients of all age groups including babies of retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) to geriatric patients suffering from age related macular degeneration (AMD) and diabetic retinopathy. Vitreoretina department has world-class infrastructure comprising all facilities for medical and surgical retina including micro incision vitrectomy surgery (MIVS) and complex bimanual surgery for proliferative diabetic retinopathy. Our department won the prestigious Americare award for our services delivered to patients with diabetic retinopathy.

We are actively involved in clinical research and various clinical trials are conducted to test the efficacy and safety of new drugs which would help us manage our patients better in future.

Key Facts & Figures for year 2022

Patients Seen
Total Surgeries
Paid Surgeries
Non Paid Surgeries
Subsidized Surgeries

Our Experts

Dr. Tanya Jain
Adjunct Consultant, Vitreoretina
Dr. Akash Chaudhary
Adjunct Consultant, Vitreoretina

Diagnosis & Treatment

Our Retina Department is dedicated to diagnosing, treating, and managing a wide range of retinal diseases that can lead to vision impairment and blindness.

Conditions We Treat

Routinely performed procedures

  • Fundus fluorescein angiography (FFA)
  • Indocyanine angiography (ICG)
  • Optical coherence tomography (OCT)
  • Optical coherence angiography (OCT-A)
  • Auto-fluorescence(AF)
  • Ultrasound B-scan
  • Ultrasound biomicroscopy (UBM)
  • Transpupillary Thermotherapy
  • Laser photocoagulation
  • Intravitreal injections
Routinely Performed Procedures

Patient Stories

Our Premature fighter

In a small village, 30 Km south of Rewari in Haryana, a precious pregnancy brought newfound hope to a lady...



Long term retina fellowship

Short term retina fellowship


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At SCEH we offer specialized expertise in diagnosing and treating retinal conditions. We are a team of highly trained professionals with advanced diagnostic imaging technology and equipments.

We provide comprehensive treatment options with wide range of treatment options for retinal conditions, including medical treatments, laser therapies, and surgical interventions. We have well established collaborative care with dialectologists, Pediatricians in NICU and other specialties for a multidisciplinary approach. The hospitals with dedicated retina services are well-prepared to handle emergency situations like retinal detachment and trauma promptly and efficiently.

Keeping abreast with latest research and clinical trials, we have access to cutting-edge treatments and emerging therapies that are not widely available.

For more queries regarding retina services contact 011-43524444 email: