Our Premature fighter

In a small village, 30 Km south of Rewari in Haryana, a precious pregnancy brought newfound hope to a lady who had waited for six long years after marriage. Twins were coming, but the journey was far from easy. Complications arose, and the battle for life began prematurely. Born at 30 weeks through an emergency caesarean section, one of the twins succumbed to the challenges, leaving the other fighting tenaciously for survival.

Admitted to the NICU at a Delhi government hospital, this resilient baby's story took a remarkable turn when the SCEH team discovered stage 3 retinopathy of prematurity with plus disease. With the baby's systemic condition preventing a transfer to a base hospital, the NICU became a battleground for her sight, receiving laser treatments twice.

The following months saw the baby undergo regular follow-ups, finally stabilizing at six months, bringing immense joy to her mother. A village witnessed a one-of-a-kind story unfold - a tale of miracles and unwavering dedication. All thanks to the relentless services of the ROP team, whose timely intervention secured the vision of this tiny warrior. Now, she can play, see, and embrace the promise of a normal life, a testament to the power of hope, love, and medical expertise.

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