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About Us


To make a lasting impact on the eradication of blindness and deafness in India by providing quality care to all sections of society.


To make a significant impact on avoidable blindness by

  • Increasing the footprint of Quality Eye Care services for all socioeconomic sections of society
  • Achieving Excellence in Service Delivery
  • Creating Human Resource for Eye care
  • Innovation through research, technology and sustainable models of delivery and contribute to the body of knowledge
  • Enabled by effective and sustainable partnerships to reduce health inequalities
Our Values
The Past and The Present

Established in the year 1922, Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital (SCEH) was founded by Dr. Sorabji P. Shroff. He started this journey with a vision to eradicate avoidable blindness and an idea to provide equal eye care to every section of the society. Since its inception, the focus has been towards Comprehensive Eye and ENT Care, Quality, Community Impact, Research and Education & Training. Over the years, facing lots of challenges, having undergone rigorous changes and growth, today SCEH is one of the oldest and the largest NABH accredited eye care institutes in India, making an enormous contribution to eye care throughout the country and hopes to do so for many years to come.

Journey of 100 Years


Trust was formed


Inauguration of existing Building in Daryaganj Delhi by Vicerene Irvin


Eicher Goodearth Ltd involved in the hospital


Mission, Vision, Values developed Cross - Subsidy Model


First secondary  centre in Alwar, Rajasthan


Launch of Pediatric Opthalmology centre & Opthalmology fellowships


Launch of Saharanpur & Mohammadi Centre


First Vision Centre


NABH Accriditation


Launch of paramedic training programme


Launch of Vrindavan Centre


Botswana Campaign


Eye Care Management Academy


Inauguration of 53rd Vision Centre


Launch of Basic Science Research Lab


100 years, 8 Hospitals, 53 Vision Centre

From the desk of Executive Director

Dr. Umang Mathur
Chief Executive Officer

It is our 100th birthday…..a journey of dedication, hard work, challenges, caring and commitment.

Dear readers,

Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital’s (SCEH) Centenary Celebration reminds us of its 100 years legacy and glorious past of eye-care service and commitment to society. It gives us immense pride to take part in the centenary year’s celebrations by acknowledging the institution’s glorious past and contributions, at the same time we look into the future with optimism as a 100-year-young dynamic organization that has the momentum to make a significant impact in the community. How many institutions in the country continue to remain steadfast on their mission and relevant to the society for 100 years? SCEH’s mission continues to provide care to all sections of society and compassion through its values. Though this journey saw many difficulties, it also gave the hospital many more factors to hold on and still stand strong in its 100th year.

Last year the nation fought another battle with Covid-19 during the year’s initial months and again proved itself a fighter by overcoming the pandemic. We quickly recovered from the brutal ‘second wave’ of the pandemic to finish the year with nearly the same number of surgeries as the pre-pandemic 2019-2020 year in nine operational months. A significant contribution of our impact has come from our work at the secondary hospitals and vision centers that serve communities where it really matters. Also, with the help of our supporters, we successfully opened 7 new Vision Centres and 53 functional VCs in our network.

Looking into the future, the entire organization, led by a leadership council participated in a transformational journey, ‘Mission Sambhav- SCEH 2.0’. Through shared participation and discussions, the institution is ready with a strategic plan for the next five and ten years. The ten white papers will define the next course of the organization. The goals are ambitious but so is the need in the society, and SCEH is ready to play it! We are happy to share our plans with you.

In addition, I would like to appreciate and thank all our supporters and funders – your support acts as a motivation for the organization.

Dr. Umang Mathur

Board of Trustees
Mr. Trilochan Singh

Chairman – Board of Trustees

Mr. Arun K Arora

Managing Trustee – SCEH

Board Members
Dr. Noshir Shroff
Member – Board of Trustees
Dr. Cyrus Shroff
Member – Board of Trustees
Mr. Vikram Lal
Member – Board of Trustees
Mr. Naresh Gujral
Member – Board of Trustees
Mrs. Rukshana Shroff
Member – Board of Trustees
Mr. Lalit Narula
Member – Board of Trustees
Mr. Atul Bahadur
Member – Board of Trustees
Dr. Darious Shroff
Member – Board of Trustees
Ms. Nidhi Jalan
Member – Board of Trustees
Ms. Nina R Nariman
Member – Board of Trustees