Triumph Over Adversity: A Journey to Restored Vision

In February 2022, a 53-year-old man visited SCEH with severe pain and redness in his right eye, three months after undergoing cataract surgery elsewhere. Despite the surgery, his vision remained poor, and intraocular pressure increased. Complications led to a complex situation, and he underwent tube implantation (AGV) followed by DSAEK. Though his condition initially improved, IOP issues persisted due to tube misplacement. After careful management, including a Pars Plana Vitrectomy and tube repositioning, his vision in the right eye improved to 6/12, while the left eye developed a cataract. With support and reassurance, the patient underwent successful cataract surgery in the left eye. Now, six months later, his vision is 6/12 in the right eye and 6/6 in the left eye, and IOP is stable in both eyes. He has returned to work after a year of overcoming vision challenges and regained control of his life.

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