read about the journey of Iqra of becoming a confident and accomplished vision technician

Iqra Khan's determination and hard work have led her to achieve her dream of becoming a confident and accomplished Vision Technician (VT). Coming from a family with one brother currently seeking employment and a father who works as an electrician, Iqra has always aspired to have a fulfilling career. Despite facing challenges, Iqra's soft-spoken nature masks her incredible strength. At a tender age of four, she battled stomach cancer and emerged as a brave survivor, fostering her independence. Unlike many of her peers, Iqra prefers to stay engaged and finds fulfillment in her work rather than being constantly glued to her phone. Her unwavering commitment and dedication during her training have shaped her into a remarkable young woman. Iqra's inspiring journey serves as a testament to her resilience and exemplifies the potential of determination and hard work.

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