A ‘Visionary’ Transformation: Baby Anabia’s Journey

Baby Anabia, a 1-year-old girl from Mustafabad, Delhi, suffered from cataract in both eyes with Nystagmus since birth. Her parents, facing financial constraints, couldn't seek specialist help until she was 4-5 months old. Anabia's father, earning a modest income as a vegetable vendor, struggled to support their family of five. Fortune smiled upon them when they learned about an eye camp conducted by SCEH at Bhajanpura vision center. Anabia was referred to Dr. Shroff Charity Eye Hospital, Daryaganj, where she underwent successful cataract surgery in both eyes at no cost. Her vision improved remarkably, and she can now focus on light and objects in her surroundings. Anabia's case sheds light on the plight of several children in the community deprived of treatment due to financial constraints, leading to potential vision loss. SCEH is proud to offer its services and extend a helping hand to such children.

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