Mona’s Journey of rediscovery and empowerment

Read about Monas unwavering spirit and resilience and commitment of our team to make a change. At a tender age of four, Mona’s life took an unexpected turn when a fever triggered excruciating pain and redness leading to the loss of vision in her right eye. Mona's family searched for answers, seeking help from different sources. However, they were met with disappointment as they learned that restoring her vision was not possible. Despite this setback, Mona continued to live with her shrunken eye, enduring intermittent pain as part of her daily reality. Amidst the struggles, a ray of hope appeared and upon a friend’ recommendation Mona visited the Mohammadi branch of Dr Shroff’s Charity Eye hospital. Facing a future of seemingly nil visual prognosis and enduring persistent discomfort, Mona made a decision – she chose to undergo a complex surgical procedure called Evisceration+ Implant OD, led by a skilled oculoplasty team. The surgery was a significant step, and its impact went beyond the physical realm. After two months, Mona received a special ocular prosthesis that was tailor-made for her. Before this, Mona had struggled with low self-esteem and a lack of confidence, often avoiding social interactions due to her altered appearance. However, everything changed with the introduction of the custom ocular prosthesis, expertly crafted by our Ocularist. The prosthesis seamlessly blended with Mona's natural eye, resulting in a profound transformation. This wasn't just a change in appearance – the ocular prosthesis sparked a shift within Mona. Her self-confidence experienced a resurgence, empowering her to embark on a transformative journey. Mona enthusiastically embraced her studies and hobbies, no longer shying away from school or personal pursuits. The custom ocular prosthesis not only restored her appearance but also instilled unwavering self-assurance, allowing Mona to face and conquer challenges. Her journey, marked by struggle, healing, and self-discovery, showcases the vital role that medical innovation and compassionate care can play. At SCEH, our commitment to quality specialty services extends even to our secondary center, ensuring access for the unreached. Mona’s story stands as a testament to impact of the mission.

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