Regaining Sight & Confidence after Cataract Surgery

I had to alter everything I did based on the development of cataracts. I had to eliminate driving in the afternoons, driving when it was raining, driving at night, and I had to really think before I went down the stairs. As a needle artist, I really love to work with colours. I realized I could no longer enjoy or get my colours the way I wanted them, so I began to do less and less stitching. I finally put my sewing aside. It was just no longer something I could do. I knew I had to do something about my sight. I wanted someone with experience. On the recommendation of a friend, I booked a consultation at Dr. Shroffs Charity Eye Hospital. Wow. In 55 years, I don’t recall a better experience in a medical environment of any kind, and that extends to the entire staff. As a cash customer I kept expecting the inevitable miscellaneous add on charges to crop up. Never happened. Friendly, professional, courteous, and the best. That is how I good the team at Shroff’s has been. The world looks wonderful through the new eyes! Thank you.

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