Impact Story (If Any): An effort to build a better lifestyle:

The husband, aged 69, would roam the streets, while his wife, 65, would sit in one spot and sell flowers. However, her life was profoundly impacted by hearing impairment. Hearing loss presents significant challenges, as it isolates individuals from their surroundings and hampers communication. This hearing-impaired woman's ability to engage in employment was severely limited. There was a harrowing incident where she narrowly escaped being hit by a bus because she couldn't hear the horn. Aligned with SCEH's mission to combat deafness, we took action to make a meaningful difference. How did we do it? We provided this hearing-impaired woman with a hearing aid—a device designed to enhance hearing and improve understanding. The use of a hearing aid has brought about remarkable improvements in her life: She can now communicate effectively with customers and others, breaking down the barriers that hearing loss had erected. With her newfound ability to hear and communicate, her employment prospects have brightened, allowing her to contribute more to her family's livelihood. Her daily living skills have seen a significant boost, allowing her to navigate her world with greater ease and safety. This heartwarming story exemplifies how hearing aids can empower individuals, enabling them to lead more fulfilling and engaged lives.

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