A Vision Restored: Mr. Radha Krishna’s journey to Clarity

Case Story 2

Mr. Radha Krishna, a 62-year-old farmer from Aligarh, was suffering from cataract. With a monthly income of about INR 4,500  and living in a family with 6 family members, he worked hard to sustain his livelihood. His blurry vision made it difficult for him to perform his daily tasks and continue his profession. 

For the past two years, his vision deteriorated because of the absence of any nearby eye care service and the fact he could not afford his treatment. Mr. Radhakrishna faced psychological distress and  he was  mocked by others because he was unable to recognise and meet people like before. One day he  came across an advertisement for Shroff’s Hospital and visited Vrindavan secondary center. 

He was referred to Vrindavan Shroff Charity Eye Hospital, there he was diagnosed with cataract. He was provided full information about the surgery. He immediately agreed for the surgery and got the next possible date. After his cataract surgery, he can see clearly with his eyes now. He is able to perform tasks on his own which fills him with happiness and confidence. His family rejoiced with his treatment. 

Filled with gratitude and satisfaction, he said he would happily and definitely recommend anyone suffering from any eye related condition to Dr. Shroff’s Eye Charitable Hospital.  

Thus with the intervention of Shroff and the generosity of our funder, we have been able to provide them with the gift of sight. This transformative impact would not have been possible without the unwavering support and belief of our compassionate donors.

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