vision rehabilitation


Orientation and Mobility (O&M) training given for people who are having complete vision loss or advance low vision. We teach them the necessity of mobility, general importance of white cane, and train them the techniques to use it.


The computer center “UJAALA” aims to help the visually impaired gain access to teaching capabilities and make them computer literate by using assistive technologies like NVDA and JAWS. In a 3 month long course the students are taught basics of computer, usage of word and excel and also how to use mail applications like outlook and Gmail. The students are also taught the use of Google Drive for easy storage of their documents, which can be easily shared when they apply for jobs or need to share their documents.

Vision Enhancement Center

Vision Enhancement Center has all the equipment and diagnostic tools necessary for vision assessment in patients. The department provides a full range of different types of Optical, Non –Optical and Electronic magnifiers including the Telescopes, Hand held Magnifier, Stand Magnifier, Portable Digital Magnifier, CCTV, Filters to help people with low vision make the best use of their existing vision.