Restoring Vision for Master Shlok: A Journey of Care and Compassion

Master Shlok, a three-year-old boy, presented to SCEH with vision problems in both eyes since six months of age. He had previously undergone cataract surgery in his left eye at 1.5 years old in a private hospital. Unsatisfied with the results, his father sought further opinion and possible surgery for the right eye at SCEH. Doctors at SCEH examined Shlok and found that he was not prescribed glasses after the left eye surgery, and regular follow-ups were not advised, leading to potential amblyopia.

Further evaluation revealed a visually significant cataract in his right eye and membrane formation behind the intraocular lens in the left eye, obstructing vision. Improper surgical procedure caused the membrane formation. After counseling the parents, The Doctors performed a left eye membranectomy, improving vision. This also helped determine the refractive error for the left eye, guiding the intraocular lens power for the right eye.

Subsequently, cataract surgery with IOL implantation was performed on the right eye. Shlok was prescribed spectacles and underwent patch therapy. Now, he enjoys better vision (20/150 BE) and has started attending school. Post-cataract surgery, proper optical and vision rehabilitation is crucial for optimal results. Regular follow-ups are essential to detect any membrane formation or changes in intraocular pressure to ensure the success of the primary surgery.

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