Overcoming Darkness

35 years old Mrs. Ritu suddenly presented to us with sudden diminution of vision in both eyes for 3 days that she was unable to identify faces (CF-CF). On a detailed examination by Dr. Soveeta Rath, swelling of optic nerves was noted as the cause for her vision loss. She was suspected to have bilateral disc edema and was urgently sent for imaging of the brain that suggested a neurological problem. Multiple sclerosis  which also affected the nerves of her eyes. Her father who accompanied her always left no stone unturned  to follow all our  suggestions- visiting neurologist, taking  intravenous  steroid injections and immunomodulators.  She was followed up weekly at our neuro ophthalmology  clinic under constant monitoring  of her optic nerve functions.  She had an improvement in her right eye to 6/18p in 3 weeks but her  left eye had 6/60 which still bothered her. But she consistently followed our advice without losing any hope and by the end of the second month she had completely recovered vision in both eyes. (6/6 both eyes). She did not have any other neurological issues. Ritu’s vision was restored due to timely reporting to the hospital and  early diagnosis and treatment.  With the risk of recurrences in multiple sclerosis and neurological involvement in future, Ritu  has  periodical follow up with the neuro ophthalmologist.

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