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Thank You ! Your commitment to our cause means a lot.

Please find the Donation options below :

Online Donation:

For donors within U.S.A

  • Bank – US Bank
  • Checking Account Name – Dr. Shroff`s Charity Eye Care, Inc.
  • Checking Account Number – 1575 1147 7364
  • Routing Number – 121 122 676

For donors outside U.S.A

  • Bank – US Bank
  • Wire Transfer Department P.O Box 64830 St. Paul,MN 55164-0830

In case the donors are in other countries but want to remit to USA, then they need to use theSWIFT code USBKUS44IMT instead of theRouting number.



Cheque can be made in the name of “Dr Shroff’s Charity Eye Care Inc” and mailed to:

Nishith Mathur
674 Vanderbilt Dr,
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Phone: +1 408-839-6020

For any other details, please contact undersigned:

Nishith Mathur                 
Phone: +1 408-839-6020