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Rupali Singh

Ms Rupali Singh is currently working as an optometrist at SCEH since 2020. She specializes in pediatric optometry, binocular vision therapy and vision rehabilitation in CVI (cerebral visual impairment), neurologically impaired children and those with behavioral issues. She has received the best student of the year in 2017 from St. Stephen Hospital. During her graduation, she was the top performer and received a merit scholarship in 2019 from Sharda University in bachelor’s degree. She has published multiple blogs in reputed journals and has presented her work at various conferences. She is also a lifetime member of Delhi Optometry Association and has participated in many workshops and online webinars.

She is a compassionate and self-driven professional with a passion for working with special children and want to give them the best care and treatment possible to help them become independent. She specialized in therapies like eye-hand coordination, body balancing, soft and fine motor skills, and perceptual therapies. She is experienced in working with children who have behavioral issues, hyperactivity, autism, ADHD, and ASD, as well as those with focussing difficulties.