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Dr. Suneeta Dubey

Medical Director, Director Glaucoma Services & Quality Assurance - SCEH Network
MS, Fellow- Glaucoma (Wills Eye Institute) Trained by ORBIS International, Quality assurance
Years of experience
28+ years
Areas of interest
Glaucoma, Pediatric and refractory glaucoma, Research

Dr. Suneeta Dubey, a distinguished Glaucoma specialist, and the driving force behind the Department of Glaucoma Services at Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital. With over three decades of relentless dedication, Dr. Dubey has emerged as a beacon of hope for patients suffering from complex eye conditions.

In her role as Medical Director & Director of Glaucoma Services at Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital, Dr. Dubey has transformed the landscape of eye care since 1994. With a profound commitment to patient welfare, she has successfully treated lakhs of patients, leaving an indelible mark on the field of ophthalmology. Her journey began at Wills Eye Institute, where she completed her fellowship, honing her skills under the guidance of renowned mentors.

Dr. Dubey’s surgical prowess is unparalleled. She has conducted over 30,000 surgeries, seamlessly blending artistry and science in every procedure. Specializing in glaucoma and cataract surgeries, her expertise has resulted in accurate diagnoses and compatible treatments, significantly enhancing the quality of life for her patients. Her proficiency extends to the management of the entire spectrum of glaucoma, including complex refractory cases and congenital & developmental glaucoma.

A trailblazer in the field, Dr. Dubey introduced minimally invasive glaucoma surgeries (MIGS -Trabectome surgeries) to India. She holds the distinction of being the first surgeon in the country to perform Trabectome surgery and remains the sole trainer for Trabectome procedures in India. Additionally, she pioneered Tube implant surgeries in India in 2004, a testament to her innovative spirit and commitment to advancing eye care techniques.

Dr. Dubey is an internationally acclaimed glaucoma surgeon, having conducted live surgeries at prestigious institutions such as LVPEI Hyderabad and Aravind Eye Hospital, Pondicherry. Her contributions to various conferences in Delhi have further solidified her reputation as a global leader in the field.

Dr. Dubey’s dedication to her craft extends to mentorship. She initiated the glaucoma sub-specialty fellowship program in 2007 and headed ORBIS Santene project in 2021 shaping the careers of hundreds of national and international fellows. She was instrumental in enhancing the ophthalmic care capacity growth through establishment of a regional digital training hub and conducting Sandwich (blended) fellowship with innovative training techniques such as distance learning & remote surgical mentorship.

Dr. Dubey’s impact on the field is not limited to her clinical practice; she has authored over 150 research papers and book chapters. Her contributions continue to shape the academic landscape of ophthalmology. Her passion for advancing eye care is evident through her active participation in numerous clinical trials and multi-centre studies focused on glaucoma, contributing to the development of cutting-edge treatments.

Beyond her surgical achievements, Dr. Dubey heads the Department of Quality Assurance at Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital. Since 2008, she has been instrumental in ensuring the highest standards of patient care. Under her astute leadership, the hospital achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first institution in North India to attain NABH accreditation. Her dynamic approach and strategic guidance have empowered the hospital’s quality team to provide consultancy services for NABH and QMS (Quality Management System) initiatives, both nationally and internationally. Through her guidance, more than 50 partner institutions have benefited so far.

In the hands of Dr. Suneeta Dubey, patients find not just a skilled surgeon but a compassionate healer. Her unwavering commitment to advancing eye care, coupled with her pioneering spirit, makes her a true luminary in the field of ophthalmology.

Awards, Honours & Recognition
  • Dubey holds the distinction of being the first surgeon in the country to perform Trabectome surgery and remains the sole trainer for Trabectome procedures in India.
  • Dubey’s influence extends to the national level, where she serves as a Member of the Glaucoma Task Force under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. Her role in shaping policies and standards for eye care in the country is invaluable.
  • She is a dynamic speaker on both national and international platforms, gracing events like the World Glaucoma Conferences, Glaucoma Society of India (GSI) conferences, AIOS conferences, ASIA-ARVO, and American Academy of Ophthalmology conferences.
  • Her expertise is sought after by esteemed journals, where she serves as a reviewer, ensuring the quality and integrity of scientific publications.
  • Dubey’s outstanding contributions have been acknowledged through prestigious awards, including the Woman Achiever Award as a Role Model in the Health category by Business Rankers Magazine in 2017.
  • She is also a recipient of accolades from national and international organizations like AIOS, including the ACOIN Haryana State Chapter Oration award 2023, Best Paper award in International congress of glaucoma surgeries ( ICGS) for her exceptional work in pediatric glaucoma, ET Selvam award for best poster in AIOC and awards in community research and lean six sigma methodologies.