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MBBS, MD Pathology
Years of experience
25+ years
Areas of interest
Pathology, Microbiology, digital microscopy, molecular biology and research-Ocular Diseases and pathologies

Dr. Arpan Gandhi is a highly accomplished and board-certified pathologist with over 25 years of experience in training clinical staff and improving outcomes based on lab results to support patient care management programs. With a strong background in healthcare management, Dr. Gandhi has made significant contributions to the field.

Currently serving as the Director of Lab Services at the SCEH Network, Dr. Gandhi has developed and overseen organizational policies, strategies, and objectives to foster equitable improvements across health service outcomes. Dr. Gandhi’s expertise and insights have played a crucial role in guiding patient wellness examinations, diagnoses, and treatments, ensuring high-quality care.

Dr. Gandhi has been a driving force in accelerating growth rates and spearheading mergers and acquisitions with like-minded labs and hospitals across the nation. Additionally, Dr. Gandhi has actively participated in committees and task forces to enhance case management, improve clinical documentation, and foster physician engagement. Dr. Gandhi’s leadership extends to overseeing the labs at Delhi, Mohamadi, and Vrindavan.

Prior to that, as the North Zone Technical Head and HOD at Lal Path Labs in New Delhi from January 1998 to May 2006, Dr. Gandhi utilized various techniques, including histology, cytology, immunology, to enhance patient care quality and clinical outcomes. Dr. Gandhi conducted large-scale training programs for field teams, working closely with senior management members, and served as an internal auditor for large-scale laboratories involved in external and internal quality control programs.

Dr. Gandhi’s dedication to quality standards is reflected in being an NABL Internal Auditor since 2000 and a CAP Internal Auditor since 2001. Dr. Gandhi has also made notable contributions as the moderator of PathoIndia, the largest virtual community of pathologists in India. Furthermore, Dr. Gandhi has undergone specialized ocular pathology training at the University of Liverpool and has been a Rotary International Medical representative from India in the Indo-US exchange program.

With several publications in peer-reviewed journals and a distinguished faculty speaker at several international and national conferences, Dr. Arpan Gandhi’s expertise and contributions have made a significant impact in the field of pathology and healthcare.

Awards, Honours & Recognition

Moderator PathoIndia, the largest virtual community of Pathologists in India. Specialized Ocular Pathology Training at The University of Liverpool Rotary International Medical representative from India in the Indo US exchange program