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Dr. Anil Tiwari

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Dr. Anil Tiwari does an extensive research in Stem cells and bioengineering, Molecular Biology, Developmental and Cell Biology and biomaterial. His research focus is on understanding the ocular surface pathologies using cutting edge technologies and integrating with stem cells and bioengineering strategies to design therapeutic interventions. From his Ph.D., he is pursuing the field of ophthalmology and have gained deep knowledge in the clinical aspect of the field. Right now he has an expertise in Ocular Surface disease and other ocular fibrotic diseases. Currently he is working on understanding various ocular surface disease and wound healing model.
My focus areas of research are:
1) Use of stem cells and stem cells in a) ocular surface reconstruction and regeneration, b) Glaucoma and c) oculoplasty
2) Understanding the cellular and molecular mechanism of SLET in an ocular surface regeneration
2) Ocular immunology a) inflammatory eye diseases, b) Allergic eye diseases
2) Role of KLF4 in Corneal epithelial homeostasis
3) Understanding the cellular and molecular aspects of Keratoconus
5) Understanding the host-pathogen interaction in keratitis and the role of epigenetics
6) Bioengineered biomaterials and the corneal regeneration
7) Cellular and molecular aspects in PBK
8) Role of patient derive vitreous in the pathogenesis of proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR)
9) Ocular oncology