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Dr. Akhil Varshney

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Dr.AkhilVarshney is a trained basic research scientist and he has more than 10 years of extensive research experience in the field of molecular biology; retina and ocular surface-cornea. During his post-doctoral training at University of Virginia, USA, he extensively worked on understanding the retinal biology and associated pathologies like age related macular degeneration (AMD) and dibetic retinopathy. His lab is actively working on the following areas

  1. To understand the molecular mechanism underlying degeneration of RPE in AMD. 
  2. To understand the novel molecular mechanism that contributes to intraocular and metastatic extraocular retinoblastoma.
  3. To understand the role of retrotransposons in various retinal and corneal disease.
  4. To study the role of CTG repeat expansion in TCF4 gene in pathophysiology of FECD.