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Delhi Vision Centers

Vision Center Name


Funder/ Donor contributed to infrastructure and Construction

Districts Covered/Catchment; States

Services Provisioned at VC

January to December 2023 VC OPD Spectacles and Referrals (seg if needed)

Badarpur Netra Janch Kendra

Block S, Tajpur Pahari Village, Badarpur, New Delhi, Delhi 110044

Sight Saver

Jaitpur, Molarband,sSourabh Vihar,Basantpur, Mitha pur

Clinical Examination ,BP AND Sugar, Sringing Testing ,Spectacles Advice, Counseling

OPD=3259, Spectacles=890, Referrals=385

Bhajanpura Netra Janch Kendra

P747+X77 Dr Sudhir Aggarwal, A Block, Chandu Nagar, New Mustafabad, New Delhi, Delhi, 110094


Munga Nagar, Nehru Vihar, Khajuri khash,Karawal nagar,Kacchi Khajuri, Sadatpur Gujran, Sadatpur Extention, Sahid Bhagat singh Colony, Prakash Vihar Shri ram Colony, handu nagar

Clinical Examination ,BP AND Sugar, Sringing Testing ,Spectacles Advice, Counseling

OPD=6529, Spectacles=976, Referrals=749

S. Dairy Netra Janch Kendra

C-31, near sunheri chowk, Shahbad Dairy, Prahladpur, Rohini, Delhi, 110042

Sight Saver

Prehladpur, Shahabad Dairy, Gupta Colony, Prehlad pur, Bhawana Colony, Doulat pur, Jai Chand colony, Barwala, Khera khurd, Khera Kala

Clinical Examination ,BP AND Sugar, Sringing Testing ,Spectacles Advice, Counseling

OPD=2569, Spectacles=669, Referrals=413

Brahmapuri Netra Janch Kendra

Ghonda Patti Chauhan, Ghonda, Shahdara, Delhi, 110053

Sight Saver

Ghonda Village, Brahampuri, Chouan Bangar, Nur-E-Elahi, Bajrang Mohalla, Gamri, Gari mandu, Mojpur, Arvind Nagar, Jaiprakash nagar, Jagjit Nagar, Shivajii Nagar, hajanpura,

Yamuna VIhar

Clinical Examination ,BP AND Sugar, Sringing Testing ,Spectacles Advice, Counseling

OPD=1751, Spectacles=459, Referrals=118

Who We Are

The Brij Health Care & Research Centre (BHRC)- Dr Shroff’s Eye Care Institute, is located in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh. Established in 2014 as part of a unique tri-partite collaboration between Dr Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital, Standard Chartered Bank, and a Private Banking firm, the BHRC- Dr Shroff’s Eye Care Institute provides quality eye care services to the districts of Mathura, Aligarh, and Hathras. The center underwent NABH certification in November 2019.

The BHRC functions on the cross-subsidy model of eye care delivery, providing free or highly subsidized eye care services to those who need it the most. As of 2023, the center has 12 vision centres linked to it, providing primary eye care facilities to its service districts.

Our People

Mr. Shyam Beriwala
Secretary, Local Trust BHRC
Mr Charan Massey
Dr. Sufyan Danish
Consultant, Anterior Segment and Corneal services, SCEH, Vrindavan

Visiting Consultants

Dr. Richa Sharma

Key Facts & Figures for year 2022-23

vision centers linked to the main hospital.
walk-in patients provided eye services at the main hospital.
walk-in patients provided eye services through the vision centers.

Our Programs

Aadya Initiative

As of January 2023, Combat Blindness International and BHRC- SCEH, initiated the Aadya Initiative to eradicate blindness by providing training and support to existing local forces, while at the same time empowering women to be independent and support their family’s income.

Seva foundation

The Seva Foundation, alongwith SCEH conducted the initial phase of Project Drishtifor almost four years, from July 2016 to February 2020. A pediatric school and community screening program, the aim was to increase access to pediatric eye care services, including school screenings, referrals to base hospitals, examinations, surgery, medicine, and follow up treatments. In its’ second phase which went on from February 2022 and went on till February 2023 the program aimed to provide long term eye care to children, expanding on the geographies previously being catered to. Facilities at existing vision centers were also upgraded to create infrastructure to support increased primary eye care delivery.

Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank and SCEH entered into partnership in January 2020 and are still working together to provide door-to-door screening services for adults across the catchment areas of all existing vision centers in the region.

Koshika Foundation

Between September 2016 and March 2023, the Koshika Foundation and SCEH have been partnering to provide free eye surgeries for the underprivileged sections of our society. Rural areas are also offered “Doorstep Relief” through free eye camps and procedures for which they are referred to the hospital.

Services provided

BHRC- Dr. Shroff’s Eye Care Institute

Brij Health Care & Research Centre,
T.B. Hospital, Near Atalla Chungi,
Mathura Road, Vrindavan, Mathura, U.P. 281121

+91 565 2442020, 8171755757, 8171607676