World Glaucoma Week 2022: COVID led to myopia epidemic; those working long hours at risk, says expert

On the basis of the available data, it is estimated that there are approximately 11.2 million persons aged 40 years and older with glaucoma in India. Primary open angle glaucoma (with or without elevated intraocular pressure; affect adults and juveniles) is estimated to affect 6.48 million persons. Those with any form of primary angle-closure disease (iris will become pressed against the trabecular meshwork) could comprise 27.6 million persons. On World Glaucoma Week 2022 with the theme: The World is Bright, Save your Sight, News9 spoke with Dr Suneeta Dubey, Medical Superintendent, chairperson, Quality Assurance, head, Glaucoma Services, Dr Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital.

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