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Uveitis is the Inflammation of uveal tissue of the eye which can be anterior or posterior. The majority of cases of uveitis are idiopathic and this means that the process occurs without a specific identifiable  cause . At times it is autoimmune and sometimes related to underlying systemic diseases which maybe infectious(tuberculosis, viral infections) or non- infectious such as arthritis, sarcoidosis etc. The management is complex and requires a detailed examination of the eye supported by various investigations and expertise of the doctor.

Signs and symptoms of Uveitis

  • Anterior Uveitis is associated with eye pain, redness, blurring of vision and light sensitivity.
  • Intermediate and Posterior forms of Uveitis may more typically be associated with floaters, flashes of light and blurred vision.
  • Gradual progressive decrease of vision

The eye needs to be examined in detail to know the type of uveitis present.  It is equally important to see if there is evidence of any other underlying cause like autoimmune disorders, infections, trauma, etc. To identify the underlying cause of uveitis may require investigations in the optical coherence tomography(OCT),fundus fluorescein angiography(FFA), indcyanine angiography(ICG),autofluorescence and ultrasound of the anterior segment of the eye-ultrasound biomicroscopy(UBM) and ultrasound B-scan for the posterior segment of the eye . The patients maybe required to undergo  systemic evaluation requiring blood tests,X-rays, CTscans, etc.

Treatment for Uveitis targets controlling infection of the eye.will depend on which areas of the eye is affected and what has caused the condition. Medication through drops, injections and oral drugs including corticosteroids and immunosuppresants are the mainstay of the treatment. A surgical intervention maybe required to salvage the eye. The treatment of some forms of Uveitis may involve collaboration between ophthalmologists and other specialists such as rheumatologists, infectious disease specialists or oncologists At SCEH we have the best infrastructure and state-of-the-art medical equipment with all facilities to take care of such patients.

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