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The eye bank at SCEH is one of the biggest, busiest and most well equipped in North India, with the latest state-of the-art equipment. This supports the faculty in performing a large number of corneal transplants

SCEH started Corneal Retrieval Program and Eye Collection Centre in 2004 with the support of ORBIS International. Over the years, the program has been steadily scaling up and today has a dedicated team of professionals working round the clock at this modern and state-of-art facility.

The bank has partnered with some of the prominent multi-specialty hospitals and non-profit organizations across India. These partners help in propagating the cause of eye donation as well as in collection of corneas from the deceased as also support the cause by encouraging and motivating the families of the deceased.

SCEH Eye Bank team consistently works towards increase both the quantity and quality of available eye bank tissue by scaling up the donation, standardizing operating procedures and developing quality assurance indicators to enhance monitoring.

The institute also performs nearly 800 corneal transplant surgeries every year. In 2018, the bank supported towards more than 1300 successful Corneal Transplantation surgeries. The eye bank maintains a utilization rate of around 65% by its improved quality of transplantable tissues through well-defined quality measures.

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