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This specialised clinic offers a focused vision therapy programme that helps patients in developing or improving visual skills and abilities, visual comfort and efficiency, and processing or interpretation of visual information.
The programme consists of supervised in-office and at-home reinforcement exercises performed over weeks to months. Lenses, prisms, filters, patches, electronic targets, are balance boards are also offered at the clinic.
The services provided by the clinic are most suitable for children who are born pre-term and face underdeveloped neurological systems. Such children might have eye-movement disorder, attention and concentration problems, body balancing and motor skills problems (e.g., gripping of hand), contrast-acuity problem, visual problem, eye deviation, and poor or low IQ level.
There are three main categories of vision therapy:

Orthoptic vision therapy: This involves a series of exercises, usually weekly, over several months to improve binocular function. Exercises are prescribed after evaluation of vision. Orthoptists, who are trained therapists, manage amblyopia treatment and small, intermittent symptomatic eye deviations.

Behavioural/perceptual vision therapy: Eye exercises are intended to improve visual processing and visual perception like eye-hand coordination, spatial orientation, visual memory, eye-hand-body coordination, visual discrimination, eye movements, reading speed, concentration and attention.

Vision therapy: This is for prevention or correction of myopia, improving asthenopic symptoms like eye strain, pain, headache, vertigo, dizziness, blurring of vision and motion sickness, and addressing variation in glasses power and 3D vision issues.

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