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In addition to Delhi, we have a strong presence across North India in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Haryana.

An online appointment can be taken filling in your details in the “take an appointment” section. You will shortly receive a call from a hospital representative confirming the appointment.

Yes, eye emergency services are available 24×7. Please contact: 9818946208.

When a prior appointment is taken, a slot to see the doctor is booked and confirmed.

Yes, a walk in patient may also see a doctor. However, the waiting time for the patient to see the doctor may be long, depending on the slot available.

Wait times are approximate and represent the average estimated length of time from registration to complete check up. It can only be decided after the preliminary examination is done. A complete eye examination may take up to 4 hours.

It is advisable to get your eyes tested every 6 months.

Dry eyes are caused by a host of factors-An imbalance in the tear mixture, so that it evaporates too fast, insufficient tear production for good eye health. Other causes include eyelid problems, some drugs, and environmental factors.

Eye floaters are tiny spots, specks that drift aimlessly in your field of vision. They are common and usually harmless. However, if you see a shower of floaters and spots, especially if they are accompanied by flashes of light, you should seek medical attention immediately from an eye care professional.

While taking an appointment it is important to have the patient’s name, address, age and mobile number ready.

Headache and fullness of ears may be related. Any congestion, cold and cough can cause a feeling of blocked ears and heavy headedness. Visio problems can also cause headaches. It is best to seek medical advice for these problems if they are persistent and unresponsive to routine measures like steam and treatment for cold.

In children, the Eustachian tube- the connection between the back of the nose and the ears is relatively more horizontal and short. This and the pressure from adenoids can cause what is known as effusion resulting in painless impairment of hearing. Please take an appointment for evaluation by an ENT practitioner and hearing testing. If left untreated, this may have long term consequences.

Pollution, cold temperature and increasing allergic problems cause the feeling of blocked nose and heavy headedness. It is possible to control these symptoms with simple measures and medication. If the allergies are uncontrolled despite adequate medication, you can be tested for what are your triggers and desensitization treatment can be initiated.

Is there any treatment for hearing loss or deafness in small children?

Yes, there is effective treatment for hearing loss irrespective of age. In small children hearing loss can be because of infections or in some cases because the nerves are not functioning. All children must be tested for deafness at birth and screened. Cochlear Implant surgery can be an effective treatment for these children. The clinical work up for these children is very specialized and extensive. Some children may benefit from properly fitted hearing aids.

Something in or on the eye that doesn’t belong there. Symptoms include foreign body sensation, eye pain or discomfort, a red or pink eye, tearing, frequent blinking, blurred vision, discharge, light sensitivity and vision loss.

Chronic dryness due to reduced quality or quantity of the eye’s tear film, or due to increased evaporation of the existing tear film. Dry eye syndrome has many causes, including aging, certain systemic diseases and long-term contact lens wear. Additional symptoms include foreign body sensation, eye pain or discomfort, burning, grittiness, itching, light sensitivity, frequent blinking, a red or pink eye and tearing.

Contact lens problems can range from minor to sight-threatening, and include protein build-up, debris on the lens, a ripped or nicked lens, infections and more. Symptoms can include frequent blinking, blurred vision, burning, discharge, foreign body sensation, itching, light sensitivity, eye pain or discomfort, a red or pink eye or lid and eyelid swelling.

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