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Dear Dr. Shroff

You and your team including Dr Seema Das, Mr Shantanu Das Gupta and Dr Sandeep Buttan have been treating a little boy Jigmet Tsering from Ladakh for an eye problem. I understand the operation has been a success and his sight has been very much improved.

I am very grateful to you and your team for having taken so much time and care over this little boy and I am sure in his life to come this operation will help him so much. I know the village and villagers of Tharuk very well and I know they will always feel indebted to you for helping a little boy who comes from such a remote area as the Chang Tang Plain.

On behalf of the Lotus Flower Trust, Amazing Treks and Tours and all others involved in this combined effort, Thank you.

Kindest regards,
John Hunt
CEO and Founder the Lotus Flower Trust.

"Day before yesterday, my son got Corneal injury due to accident in school, as I stay in Delhi 6 I rushed to Shroff's, where my experience has been awesome and outstanding! The entire staff, across all cadres, from the help desk to Registration to Pediatric department & finally the doctor on duty, treated my son as their own! They left the work they were doing and attended to him. I am overwhelmed. I am also happy to note that the hospital has a dedicated cell to raise funds for the underprivileged."

As told to Mrs. Kiran Mehta - Head Donor Relations

Rebecca McAllister, 26-years, student in Medicine at MIT, six weeks internship

Community care has always been an area of interest and concern for me. My friends in Boston had been here as part of research projects and spoke highly of the width and depth of their experiences. It was tempting. Though it was a tad bit long winded- securing a place in the programme, I can claim that its been worth it.

As it happens, while I was sure of what I wanted to do- and my contact persons at SCEH had everything chalked out as per my wishes, the first few days told me there was much more to the network than what my plan contains. I could not increase my stay but managed to ration time and I would like to believe that I could utilize the opportunity well.

Happy memories apart, I am taking away friends and learnings that I can hope will stick for life. I wanted to but didn't get the time to develop a journal. Nonetheless here's a sample of my roster.

Day 1: Arrival and check in. Met my contact person and the programme coordinator

Day 2: Took a tour of the campus, read stuff and met authorities to understand the network.

Day 3: Revelled in the morning class, shadowed the doctors and surgeons through the day. I need more of this. I have to postpone my visit to the Khan Market.

Day 4: ditto!

Day 5: Alwar trip. The people dress in more colours and accessories shimmering with glass work. Its lovely. They look like gypsies but they are not. It's a desert area and hence the extra colour in people.. that's a guess! The hospital looks small compared to the main campus, but the diversity of people is as wide. Met the local staff. The admin staff is very warm and helpful. I aws treated to a lavish spread and dessert called milk cake. I am taking more 'Milk Cake' home. Yummy!

Day 6: Back to Delhi! I so miss Alwar. Met my program coordinator again. We discussed...

Madhurima Kashyap, [11 A] Indian School, New Delhi.

Under the Internship programme, the school sent us for a five day internship from May 27, 2013 to May 31, 2013 to Dr. Shroff Charity Eye Hospital located in the bustling Daryaganj area of old Delhi.

A fellow of Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh Dr. S.P.Shroff established "Dr.Shroff's Charity Eye Hospital" at Daryaganj, Delhi in 1914 making the first hospital of its kind in northern India. Dedicating it solely to eye care he equipped it with the best of instruments and facilities available at that time. Over a period of more than a century one charitable hospital has converted itself into a full network with hospitals located in Rajasthan, Alwar, Rampur Maniharan, Meerut Lakhimpur Kheri and also runs satellite consultancy services across North India. This network has provided its services to more than two lakhs of people. The SCEH does the community services by making appeals to the public for donations so that the patients who are financially weak can be provided with the required services. It was a very knowledgeable and serviceable experience which I got while spending few hours of my fruitful five days in the hospital. The charity with cleanliness and full care was a sight to always remember. The personal ways in which the patients from the infants aging merely few months to old one are looked after is something to be proud off. After interacting with the patients and sharing their problems I could feel that I have been able to bring some joy in their traumatized lives.