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Partner: Standard Chartered Bank and International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness

The Institute was chosen in 2008 to deliver 10 Vision centres across the states of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. By end March 2010, the ten vision centres were fully operational.

The Vision centres are distributed as follows

State District Location Connected to Patients seen Surgeries Spectacle sold
Rajasthan Alwar          
Inaugrated July 2009 Thanagazi Alwar secondary Centre 1173 104 171
  April 2009 Rajgarh Alwar secondary Centre 2419 257 477
  October 2009 Kishangarh Alwar secondary Centre 601 62 186
  February2010 Kathumer Alwar secondary Centre 130 16 23
Haryana Mewat          
Inaugrated April 2009 Ferozepur Zhirka Alwar secondary Centre 2056 89 614
Uttar Pradesh Saharanpur          
Inaugrated April 2009 Rampur Subsequently upgraded to secondary hospital in March 010 4854 377 352
  February 2010 Thanabhawan Rampur secondary hospital 97 0 21
  March2010 Gangoh Rampur secondary hospital 33 0 3
  April2009 Nakud Rampur secondary hospital 1626 135 298
  March 2010 Chilkana Rampur secondary hospital 154 0 26
      Total   1040 2171

In recognition of the achievement and the cost savings made in the process, the consortium released funds for setting up additional 9 vision centres at the end of March 2010. These will be rolled out in the following year.