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Everyday, all across our network in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan and Delhi; we come across patients who are suffering from avoidable blindness. All that stands between them and vision is a kind gesture from someone like you.

The money received through donation goes to purchase the operation theatre consumables like medicine, lenses, anaesthesia ( if applicable), food for the patient etc. As mark of our commitment, cost of all nursing and medical care is borne by the hospital from its own resources.

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Impact Stories
  • My son will see - Overnight the pupil of the left eye of a 6 month baby turns white. Imagine the plight of its parents. Parents , who because of their poverty could not even dream of taking their child to see a good ophthalmologist. Read More...

  • I can see my grandchildren - Grand children are a source of unadulterated joy for old people. Imagine not being able to see them and play with them. Or for that matter becoming slowly dependant on others for even day to day tasks. Read More...

  • A Bright future for shivani - BalakRam, a landless labourer from Hardoi District of Uttar Pradesh has to support a family of five on a monthly income of Rs.2000 ($40). Balak Ram first realized that his youngest daughter, Shivani had a problem... Read More...

  • Samarath gets a new life - Imagine a child having retinoblastoma (cancer) of the eye. And the plight of the parents can be imagined that absence of treatment would lead to certain death for their child. Samarth, the only child of a poor... Read More...